Basler avA1000

Basler aviator state-of-the-art high speed cameras with resolutions of  1, 2 (4:3 and HDTV), and 4 MP and GigE or Camera Link interface.

The Basler aviator family is a series of high speed mainstream CCD  cameras with Camera Link and Gigabit Ethernet interface. Superior image quality, even at high image capture rates, makes a convincing argument for this advanced camera family. Basler aviator cameras are equipped with Kodak’s latest CCD sensor generation with four tap readout technology. These sensors are up to four times faster than standard CCD sensors of the same resolution. With the aviator, Basler has applied the  unique tap balancing competence we gained during the development of our
earlier camera families such the Basler pilot series, which also
employs Kodak multi-tap sensors.


Basler Camera Product Line Data Sheet