Galdabini Impact Pendulum Testers

Galdabini’s line of Impact Pendulum Machines offer a technology driven solution while also providing industry leading safety mechanisms.

  • Ranging from 150J to 750J, the machines can be configured for IZOD or Charpy tests and there’s also the option to have a non-instrumented head (ASTM E23 / ISO 148) or an instrumented head (ASTM E2298 / ISO 14556).
  • A touch screen control allows for easy machine operation in any configuration and and RS-232 or Ethernet data port can be used for transferring data to a computer for analysis.
  • All machines are designed with a dual column frame for incredible stiffness resulting in more consistent and accurate results.
  • Motorized automatic lifting of the hammer for test optimization and low temperature applications
Impact 150-300-450 J
Impact pendulum testers of 150-300 and 450 J are the ideal solution for testing carbon and stainless steels performing tests with breaking energy up to 450 J

Impact 600-750 J
The range of 600-750 J hammers allows testing high-strength materials such as stainless steels, super alloys (nickel, titanium)