Fully automatic and programmable one cylinder mounting press with 5.7” HMI color touch screen control, Siemens PLC control units, electro hydraulic pressure (no air required) and program based mounting sequences. Molding pressure up to 330 bar, temperature up to 190 ºC and operation time up to 59:99 minutes. Programmable preheating and preloading, short cycle times, thermostatically controlled heating power of 1600W, automatic cooling cycle with two modes (fast and slow) and audible warning signal. Changeable mold sizes from 25mm to 50mm are ordered separately. Unit is delivered ready for operation.

Includes a standard set of mounting consumables composed of 3 different hot mounting compounds (BAK-R / EPO / NET); 1 kg of each, a total of 3 kg.

ECOPRESS 50 100 200 Brochure

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Metkon Consumables for Mounting

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